What we do

Case Management

Places Patients efficiently and Accurately

Fully Integrates with your existing EHR

Places Patients efficiently and Accurately Fully Integrates with your existing EHR Real time bed availability data and Facility acceptance

Patient Engagement

Patient/Decision maker notified immediately of potential discharge dispositions in easy to understand format

CMS star rating disclosure

C-Suite Analytics

Data Analytics: Real time, continuous tracking Length of Stay by DRG vs. national average

Estimated cost savings

"After testing Baton, we feel like it will make the patient placement process much more efficient"

Baton Case Management

Super-user focus group


Decrease Length of Stay

Significantly reduces or eliminates delay of discharge after patients are medically ready

Increased Effective Hospital Capacity

Earlier discharges mean more available beds for new admissions

Lower Readmission Rates

Matching algorithm ensures patients discharged to the proper level of acuity

Lower Case Management FTE requirements

Greater Case Management efficiency

Fully Integrates with your existing EHR

Integration by industry leader Redox^ with 24/7 support

Patient Engagement/ Increased Patient Satisfaction

Patients enjoy input towards decision of discharge disposition

Hospital Impact Calculator

Number of Beds

100 200 300 400 500

Cost Savings

Number of Beds{{ batonImpact.beds_count }}

Average Number of Discharges per day{{ batonImpact.avg_day_discharge }}

Avg Number Patients needing placement each day{{ batonImpact.avg_day_placements }}

Approximate Number of CM FTEs{{ batonImpact.cm_fte_approx }}

Potential Reduction in CM FTEs{{ batonImpact.cm_fte_reduction }}

Hospital adjusted expenses per Inpatient Day${{ batonImpact.inpatient_day_expenses }}

6 hour reduction in average LOS per placed patient${{ batonImpact.expenses_reduce_6 }}

12 hour reduction in average LOS per placed patient${{ batonImpact.expenses_reduce_12 }}

Approximate Number of CM FTEs${{ batonImpact.expenses_reduce_24 }}

Post-Acute Facilities

Baton Referral Matching Program
Receive patients appropriate for your facility automatically while maintaining complete control
Cost of treatment disclosure
HIPPA compliant digital transfer of patient information

Easly monitor and manage your referrals


Potential discharge facility options immediately made available to patients and their designated decision makers for review and selection.
Easy to understand format
Lists of services and amenities
Decreased waiting times for patients eager to be discharged and proceed to the next phase of their recovery process
Decreased chance of hospital readmission
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